Friday, February 21, 2014

You Comfy?

Last night was a quiet one. Hubby spent the latter part of evening watching the National Geographic channel while I was on my iPad (ear-buds in place) listening to Josh Lanyon's latest in the Kickstart Series and playing Words With Friends. Like nearly every night, he was eventually softly snoring in the recliner. When he woke, he looked over at me with a sexy smile, “Let’s go snuggle for a bit.”

I locked the house up and made my way back to his room where he was already in bed. (Of our twenty-seven years together, we’ve had our own bedrooms for nearly twenty. Whoever said having your own bedroom (AND bathroom) makes for a happy marriage was certainly right!)

Like always, we found ourselves with his beautiful dick buried in my eager throat - God, we both love that! We were sort of in a 69 position but each of us laying on our sides. I was sucking, and licking, and playing while he was sloooowly stroking my hard, yearning cock and softly tweaking one of my nipples. I was in heaven - cooing and making needy sounds around his hard dick lodged in my throat. Rather quickly I was to the point of orgasm and I pulled off panting, “May I cum please?” (Sometime last week we’d decided I’d no longer say “Stop” to indicate I was close. Instead, I’d signal him with the afore mentioned question. We both felt the question was more appropriate than the single word - which sounded far too much like a command coming from someone whose decisions in these situations have been relinquished.) However, when his slow stokes didn’t stop, I delightedly thought, “Oh, this is is! I’m finally going to cum! After twelve days of beautiful Tease-n-Denial I’m finally going to be allowed release! YES!”

I pushed my nose into the soft fur of his crotch, brushed my cheek along the length of his shaft, and began breathlessly chanting, “Yes, yes, yes.” The wonderful stoking sensation abruptly ceased and was quickly replaced by the feeling of my nipple and my balls both being caught in a vice. “Ouuuch!” I cried in both pain and utter frustration at the denied orgasm; I'd been SOOO fucking close. Close enough in fact that I was certain sweet, beautiful release was imminent.

“Did I ask you to stop sucking?” came his husky question. The feelings flooding my body made it incredibly difficult to think, but I managed to squeak out, “No,” before plunging back onto his cock. I moaned in pain and pleasure; pain from the continued pressure on my nuts and nipple, and pleasure as his hips began thrusting. He’s told me on many occasion just how hot the noises I involuntarily make when he’s inflicting pain make him - and his thrusting hips were only part of the confirmation. Further proof came as my mouth was flooded by his warm seed.

As we lay snuggled close to one another, in his post-orgasm afterglow, he whispered soft, tender words of affection; “You’re such a handsome Pup,” and “That was really nice,” and “I love you so much.” I breathed in his scent and shifted in a futile attempt to position my hard cock so that it didn’t feel as if it would break off between our pressed bodies. “You comfy,” he asked in a sated voice. “Comfy?” I snorted out playfully. When he looked at me questioningly, I continued with a smile, “I haven’t been 'comfy' in twelve days. My dick is hard as a rock, my nuts ache, and, overall, I feel like a cat on a hot tin roof! No, I’m not comfy!” He laughed, pulled me in closer, kissed me affectionately - but chastely - and said, “But you’re happy, right?” I nodded, “Yes. Very!"



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